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Title: Micro grid laboratory as a tool for research on non-conventional energy sources in Ecuador
Other Titles: Micro red de laboratorio como una herramienta para la investigación sobre la no - convencionales de energía de fuentes en Ecuador
Authors: Espinoza Abad, Juan Leonardo
Sempertegui Alvarez, Rodrigo Efrain
Gonzalez Morales, Luis Gerardo
metadata.dc.ucuenca.correspondencia: Gonzalez Morales, Luis Gerardo, luis.gonzalez@ucuenca.edu.ec
Keywords: Microgrid
Renewable Energy
Distributed Generation
metadata.dc.ucuenca.areaconocimientofrascatiamplio: 2. INGENIERIA Y TECNOLOGIA
metadata.dc.ucuenca.areaconocimientofrascatidetallado: 2.2.1 INGENIERIA ELECTRICA Y ELECTRONICA
metadata.dc.ucuenca.areaconocimientofrascatiespecifico: 2.2 INGENIERIAS ELECTRICA, ELECTRONICA E INFORMACION
metadata.dc.ucuenca.areaconocimientounescoamplio: 07 - INGENIERIA, INDUSTRIA Y CONSTRUCCION
metadata.dc.ucuenca.areaconocimientounescodetallado: 0713 - ELECTRICIDAD Y ENERGIA
metadata.dc.ucuenca.areaconocimientounescoespecifico: 071 - INGENIERIA Y PROFESIONES AFINES
Issue Date: 2018
metadata.dc.ucuenca.embargoend: 1-Jan-2050
metadata.dc.ucuenca.volumen: volumen 0, número 0
metadata.dc.source: 2017 IEEE international autumn meeting on power, electronics and computing (ROPEC)
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1109/ROPEC.2017.8261615
Publisher: IEEE
This article presents to the scientific community technical and management issues taken into account for the implementation of the Micro Grid Laboratory, which will be part of “Balzay” Scientific, Technological and Research Center of the University of Cuenca. The paper describes the components that integrate the generation, storage and consumption of electrical energy from a combination of renewable and non-renewable sources that allow the emulation of a distributed generation network with the possibility of establishing technical criteria to recreate an intelligent network (Smart grid). The generation, storage and consumption components of the laboratory can interact through a control, monitoring and data acquisition system (SCADA) that allows automation of energy management for teaching and research purposes, as well as the possibility of interconnection with the local grid.
URI: http://dspace.ucuenca.edu.ec/handle/123456789/30708
metadata.dc.ucuenca.urifuente: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/mostRecentIssue.jsp?punumber=8248569
ISBN: 000-0000-00-0
ISSN: 2573-0770
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