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Title: Urban density as variable of city analysis. The case of Cuenca, Ecuador [La densidad urbana como variable de análisis de la ciudad. El caso de Cuenca, Ecuador]
Authors: Hermida Palacios, María Augusta
Cabrera Jara, Natasha Eulalia
Calle, C
Hermida Palacios, Karla Marcela
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2015
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metadata.dc.type: Article
The theoretical debate about the scattered city versus the compact city, in the worldwide and particularly in Latin America, this put in evidence the necessary key aspects to propose a new city model, where the quality of life in the present and future generations will be the focus point of reflection. Throughout the study of the state of the art about this topic, it concludes that the returning to a compact city model is the alternative for a possible sustainable development in the intermediate cities of Latin America. In the Cuenca case is concentrated in the study of the densities of the city from the 1950s until today. It is amazing to prove that Cuenca was a compact city with a high quality of life, but gradually it is unnecessarily expanding, with all the problems involved.
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