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201912th IFDC 2017 Special Issue – Seasonal variations in nutrient composition of plant-based foods produced at the Southern highlands of EcuadorOrtiz Ulloa, Silvia Johana; Astudillo Rubio, Gabriela Cristina; Castro Arteaga, Evelyn Michelle; Castro Nube, Cecilia; Astudillo Astudillo, Sonia Cecilia; Donoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia-
documento.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2015School-based intervention on healthy behaviour among Ecuadorian adolescents: Effect of a cluster-randomized controlled trial on screen-time Health behavior, health promotion and societyAndrade Tenesaca, Dolores Susana; Donoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia; Ochoa Aviles, Angélica María-
documento.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2017Worldwide trends in blood pressure from 1975 to 2015: a pooled analysis of 1479 population-based measurement studies with 19·1 million participantsDonoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Results from Ecuador’s 2018 report card on physical activity for children and youthAndrade Tenesaca, Dolores Susana; Ochoa Aviles, Angelica Maria; Romero Sandoval, Natalia Cristina; Orellana Vintimilla, Daniel Augusto; Contreras Calle, Wilson Teodoro; Pillco Chuqui, Jose Luis; Andrade Muñoz, Diana Jesús; Martín, Miguel; Donoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia-
documento.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2013Prevalence of overweight and obesity among 6- to 9-year-old schoolchildren in Cuenca, Ecuador: Relationship with physical activity, poverty, and eating habitsAbril Ulloa, Sandra Víctoria; Donoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia; García, J.L; Rojas Reyes, Rosendo Iván-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Trends in cardiometabolic risk factors in the Americas between 1980 and 2014: a pooled analysis of population-based surveysLotufo, Paulo A; Bernabe Ortiz, Antonio; Ferreccio, Catterina; Bixby, Honor; Hambleton, Ian R; Bentham, James; Andrade Tenesaca, Dolores Susana; Bettiol, Heloisa; Taddei, Cristina; Carrillo Larco, Rodrigo M; Boggia de Izaguirre, josé Gabriel; Di Cesare, Mariachiara; Miranda, Jaime J; Donoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia; Ochoa Aviles, Angelica Maria-
documento.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2014Dietary intake practices associated with cardiovascular risk in urban and rural Ecuadorian adolescents: A cross-sectional studyOchoa Aviles, Angélica María; Andrade Tenesaca, Dolores Susana; Donoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia-
documento.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2016A century of trends in adult human heightDonoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia-
2018Contributions of mean and shape of blood pressure distribution to worldwide trends and variations in raised blood pressure: A pooled analysis of 1018 population-based measurement studies with 88.6 million participantsEzzati, Majid; Zhou, Bin; Bentham, James; Bixby, Honor; Donoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia; Zuñiga Cisneros, Julio-
documento.pdf.jpg29-Jan-2014A conceptual framework for healthy eating behavior in ecuadorian adolescents: A qualitative studyDonoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia; Ochoa Aviles, Angélica María-

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