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Trabajo de Titulación.pdf.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2019An aid to study phonetics: Wireframe and Storyboard of a cell phone application as an educational tool for students of the english literature major at the University of CuencaPeña Alvarez, Zulema Izamar; Urgilez Quizhpi, Francisco AndrésAbad Célleri, Mónica Patricia
tli248.pdf.jpg2010Afro-American women facing hidden racismAlbán Neira, María Lorena; Palacios Pesántez, María FernandaYouman, Katherine
tli324.pdf.jpg2011Developing reading and writing skills through science fiction: I, robot by Issac AsimovMaldonado Pérez, MarixaLeón Vélez, María Verónica
tli316.pdf.jpg2011Helping students to read through I know why the caged bird singsCrespo Arízaga, Rosa FranciscaAstudillo Neira, Catalina
tli325.pdf.jpg2011Televangelism: Jimmy Swaggart, a wolf in a sheeps clothing, a strategy to teach vocabulary about moral values for teenagers aged 16 to 18Arévalo Sarmiento, María José; Cuesta Pesántez, Rosa LeonelaArgudo Vicuña, Rafael
tli320.pdf.jpg2011Communicative approach to foster speaking in an efl classroom at an intermediate levelFaicán Coronel, Janeth; Guncay Lucero, RocíoPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli323.pdf.jpg2011The use of the darnell techniques as a motivational element to promote creative writing in students of an efl classPeralta S., Andrés; Valencia N., GuadalupeYouman, Ion
tli322.pdf.jpg2011Motivating students to speak english through fun activitiesIdrovo Maldonado, Nelly; Montero Guallpa, MaríaAstudillo Neira, Catalina
tli321.pdf.jpg2011Power point as an audiovisual didactic resource to enhance efl learninig at the eighth level of San Francisco high schoolVivar O., Alexandra; Vásquez V., DianaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
TESIS.pdf.jpg2010A didactic guide of the text book, english for me to improve the english learning process in the Emilio Abad primary schoolPesántez Lozano, JennyOchoa Maldonado, Genner

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