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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)???itemlist.dc.contributor.advisor???
2008Activities to improve listening and speaking skills with teenagers of the Junior high preparatory of Miguel Malo González high schoolSari, Nelly; Torres, MauricioYouman, Ion
2003An eclectic approach to teaching english as a foreign language to the blindCampoverde Campoverde, Martha Yolanda; Díaz Sarmiento, Mercedes del CarmenYouman, Ion
2000Anne Hutchinson and Hester Prynne: Sister in SpiritBarros Uguña, MarisolYouman, Ion
1991Applying individualization in language learningCalle Astudillo, SusanaYouman, Ion
2008Bertrand Rusell: educator, activist, freethinker, and manCabrera Moreno, Sandra LeonorYouman, Ion
2010Body language as a teaching resource in the EFL classroomLópez Barros, Gabriela; Verdugo Lazo, Jorge EduardoYouman, Ion
2011Design of a didactic guide and other materials for teaching english in the tourism area at the University of CuencaDíaz Sarmiento, Mercedes del CarmenYouman, Ion
2012Developing reading skills in teenagers through material based on american holidaysOrtiz Paredes, Miriam Janeth; García Saravia, Jaqueline AndreaYouman, Ion
2000English and spanish phonetic and phonological contrastive analysisLucero Castro, Sonia; Cordero, PiedadYouman, Ion
2000English and spanish phonetic and phonological contrastive analysisCordero Campoverde, Blanca Piedad; Lucero Castro, SoniaYouman, Ion
1983Erskine caldwell: voice of the poor southPeña O. Mercedes MagdalenaYouman, Ion
2007Focusing on some special problems of vocabulary: english-spanishValdivieso V., Grace; Salgado C., NoeliaYouman, Ion
2013Fostering the speaking skills through the use of cartoons to teach idiomatic expressions applied in the EFL classroom with students of ninth level of basic education at Isabel Moscoso High SchoolChuni Patiño, Patricio Alexander; Crespo Loja, Mónica LorenaYouman, Ion
2010Frederick Ogden nash in his timeCárdenas Guamán, Nelly Rocío; Zhagui Tenesaca, Diana AzucenaYouman, Ion
2000Geoffrey ChaucerPalacios Cordero, KatyaYouman, Ion
2007Give me my death: euthanasia in a new version of chaucerïs the physicianïs taleMoscoso, Isabel; Torres, FernandaYouman, Ion
2010Henry David Thoreau: his life, times, and literatureCuenca Ochoa, Rocío; Lazo Tapia, MayraYouman, Ion
2012How alexander selkirk's story is related to robinson crusoe, and the beginnings of the novelPortocarrero Carpio, Alex Jamil; Llangari Cuvi, Jaime WashingtonYouman, Ion
2008How to improve the vocabulary leve with fun activities in the eighth year of basic education for the Instituto Técnico Superior Agronómico SalesianoChuquiguanga Quito, María Isabel; González González, Diana IsabelYouman, Ion
1998Huckleberry finn: reflections new and renewedCorrea Cabrera, Mónica; Dután Guaylacela, Blanca AngelitaYouman, Ion

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