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15-Sep-2022Fog in the andean páramo: measurements, dynamics, and its influence on soil hydrology and evapotranspiration processesBerrones Guapulema, Gina MarcelaCélleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique
14-Apr-2022Causality and climate networks approaches for evaluating climate models, tracing flows, and selecting physically meaningful predictorsVázquez Patiño, Angel OswaldoSamaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio
29-Sep-2023Bridging the gap between hydrological and biogeochemical processes in a high Andean catchment: a comprehensive tracer-aided model frameworkPesántez Vallejo, Juan PatricioCrespo Sánchez, Patricio Javier
10-May-2023Towards the improvement of machine learning peak runoff forecasting by exploiting ground- and satellite-based precipitation data: A feature engineering approachMuñoz Pauta, Paul AndrésCélleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique
8-May-2023Dynamics of Precipitation Anomalies in Tropical South America: A Multiscale ApproachCórdova Mora, Mario AndrésCélleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique
20-Mar-2023Investigating the relationships between precipitable water vapor estimations and heavy rainfall over the Eastern Pacific Ocean and Ecuadorian regionsSerrano Vincenti, María Sheila FabiolaVillacís Erazo, Marcos Joshua
21-Nov-2022Comparative assessment of a mountain river flow resistance – 1D-: sensitivity and prediction using data-based approachesCedillo Galarza, Juan SebastiánAlvarado Martínez, Andrés Omar
Trabajo de Titulación PHD.pdf.jpg20-May-2022Mathematical programming for the support of river water management: water allocation and reservoir locationVeintimilla Reyes, Jaime EduardoVan Orshoven, Jos
17-May-2022Hydrodynamic assessment of different UASB reactor’s influent distribution systems to improve granulationCisneros Ramos, Juan FernandoAlvarado Martínez, Andrés Omar
5-May-2022Sediment transport in steep Andean rivers with coarse bed materialCarrillo Serrano, Verónica MargaritaTimbe Castro, Luis Manuel
24-Sep-2017Multi-scale monitoring and modelling for the analysis of the hydrologic response of southern Ecuadorian Andean páramosIñiguez Moran, Vicente MauricioBauwens, Willy; Wyseure, Guido
23-Oct-2013Impacts of climate change on catchment runoff for the Paute river basin in the southern Ecuadorian Andes (invloed van klimaatsverandering op de neerslagafstroming van het Paute-rivierbekken in de Zuid-Ecuadoriaanse Andes)Mora Serrano, Diego EstebanWillems, Patrick; Wyseure, Guido
2-Sep-2010A spatially explicit approach to the site location problem in raster maps with application to afforestation (Een ruimtelijk expliciete aanpak voor het locatieprobleem in rasterkaarten met toepassing op bebossing)Vanegas Peralta, Pablo FernandoCattrysse, Dirk; De Schreye, Daniel
28-Mar-2022Data-based local rainfall modeling through global climate informationMendoza Sigüenza, Daniel EmilioSamaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio
16-Jun-2020Disentangling water transport and tracer mixing mechanism in mountainous environments influenced by volcanic featuresMosquera Rojas, Giovanny MauricioCrespo Sánchez, Patricio Javier
Trabajo-de-Titulación-PHD.jpg17-Jan-2020Integrated water system modelling to support water management in the Cuenca BasinJerves Cobo, Rubén FernandoGoethals, Peter; Nopens, Ingmar
26-Nov-2019Statistical spatial and temporal analysis of historical rainfall and evapotranspiration behavior for EcuadorTobar Solano, Vladimiro AlexisWyseure, Guido; Willems, Patrick
15-Oct-2019Unraveling evapotranspiration dynamics and processes in tropical Andean tussock grasslandsOchoa Sánchez, Ana ElizabethCélleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique
Trabajo-de-Titulación-PHD.jpg22-May-2009Static and dynamic finite element analysis of slope stabilityBojorque Iñeguez, Jaime AsdrubalRoeck, Guido de
1-Aug-2015Optimal resource allocation and budgeting in librariesSigüenza Guzmán, Lorena CatalinaCattrysse, Dirk; Verhaaren, Henri
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20

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