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2017A systematic literature review for development, implementation and deployment of MOOCs focused on older peopleBeltran Vazquez, Paola Margarita; Rodriguez Chiriboga, Paul Andres; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila-
documento.pdf.jpg2018A systematic literature review in cyber forensics: current trends from the client perspectiveCoronel Tapia, Bryan Daniel; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Campos Argudo, Karina Pamela; Camacho Cajamarca, Jessica Paola; Bermeo Arpi, Alexandra Elizabeth-
documento.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2017Intelligent pillbox: Automatic and programmable Assistive Technology deviceParra, J.M; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Guevara Toledo, Andrea Patricia; Ortiz Segarra, Jose Ignacio; Valdez, W-
2018a systematic mapping study for intelligent user interfaces-iuiCedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Bermeo Arpi, Alexandra Elizabeth-
2018MOOCEP: towards a method for building massive open online courses for elderly peopleBeltran Castro, Paola Fernanda; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Rodriguez Chiriboga, Paul Andres; Bermeo Arpi, Alexandra Elizabeth-
2019Towards an architecture for electronic notifications services on the cloud: a model driven approachCedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Garcia Clavijo, Edgar Andres; Cardenas Delgado, Juan Diego-
2019Outlier detection with data mining techniques and statistical methodsOrellana Cordero, Marcos Patricio; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Towards an evaluation method of how accessible serious games are to older adultsPesantez Cabrera, Paola Gabriela; Acosta, María Inés; Sinchi Coronel, Pablo Fernando; Jimbo, Verónica; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila-
2020CloudIoTSecurity: evaluating the security in cloud IoT applicationsCedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Bermeo Arpi, Alexandra Elizabeth; Piedra García, David; Tenezaca Sari, Pedro-
2020A middleware for managing the heterogeneity of data provining from IoT devices in ambient assisted living environmentsRiofrio Machado, Xavier Fernando; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Prado Cabrera, Katerine Daniela; Orellana, Marcos-

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