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documento.pdf.jpg2018Unidimensional, non-stationary modeling of a high mountain river in southern EcuadorOchoa Berrezueta, Ana Ofelia; Timbe Castro, Luis Manuel; Vazquez Patiño, Angel Oswaldo; Samaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio-
documento.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2016Evaluation of downscaled estimates of monthly temperature and precipitation for a Southern Ecuador case studyOchoa, A; Campozano Parra, Lenin Vladimir; Gualan Saavedra, Ronald Marcelo; Samaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio; Sanchez Merchan, Esteban Andrés-
documento.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2016A staggered approach for the coupling of Cahn–Hilliard type diffusion and finite strain elasticitySamaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio-
documento.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2016Comparison of Statistical Downscaling Methods for Monthly Total Precipitation: Case Study for the Paute River Basin in Southern EcuadorCampozano Parra, Lenin Vladimir; Feyen, Jan Jozef Albert; Samaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio; Sanchez Merchan, Esteban Andrés; Tenelanda Patiño, Daniel Orlando-
documento.pdf.jpg2018A Variational merging approach to the spatial description of environmental variablesUlloa, Jacinto Israel; Samaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio; Campozano Parra, Lenin Vladimir; Ballari, Daniela-
documento.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2012On the numerical stability and mass-lumping schemes for explicit enriched meshfree methodsSamaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio-
2017Smart grids: a multi-scale framework of analysisEspinoza Abad, Juan Leonardo; Samaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio; Jara Alvear, Jose Estuardo; Ochoa Tocachi, Diego Roberto-
2020A causal flow approach for the evaluation of global climate modelsVazquez Patiño, Angel Oswaldo; Samaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio; Mendoza Siguenza, Daniel Emilio; Campozano Parra, Lenin Vladimir-
documento.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2015Parallel embedded boundary methods for fluid and rigid-body interactionSamaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio-
2018A variational approach to the phase field modeling of brittle and ductile fractureRodríguez , Patricio; Ulloa, Jaciento; Samaniego, Cristóbal; Samaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio-

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