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documento.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2017Early postpartum administration of equine chorionic gonadotropin to dairy cows calved during the hot season: Effects on fertility after first artificial inseminationPesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Gestational toxemia in lactating sheep is associated with alterations in circulating inflammatory biomarkersPesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; Gonzalez Bulnes, Antonio; Astiz, Susana; Vazquez Gomez, Marta; Gonzalez Martin, Juan Vicente; Sanz Fernandez, María Victoria; Gonzalez Bulnes, Antonio; Astiz, Susana-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Resynchronization with the G6G protocol: a retrospective, observational study of second and later timed artificial inseminations on commercial dairy farmsPesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; Astiz, Susana-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Antioxidant homeostasis is disturbed in fetuses with leptin-resistant genotypes: a cross-sectional studyGonzalez Añover, Pedro; Torres Rovira, Laura; García Contreras, Consolación; Vazquez Gomez, Marta; Pesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; Sanz Fernandez, María Victoria; Astiz Balnco, Susana; Gonzalez Bulnes, Antonio-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Effects of maternal factors during pregnancy on the birth weight of lambs in dairy sheepPesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; Torres Rovira, Laura; Gonzalez Bulnes, Antonio; Astiz, Susana; Vazquez Gomez, Marta; Gonzalez Martin, Juan Vicente-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Efficiency and demographics of a high-yield dairy ewe farm with two managing systems involving five or 10 lambings per yearPesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; Torres Rovira, Laura; Hernández Díaz, Fernando; Sanz Fernández, María Victoria; Pérez Villalobos, Natividad; Heras Molina, Ana; García Contreras, Consolación; Vázquez Gómez, Marta; Martínez Ros, Paula; González Martín, Juan V.; González Bulnes, Antonio; Astiz, Susana-
documento.pdf.jpg2020The effects of maternal metformin treatment on late prenatal and early postnatal development of the offspring are modulated by sexPesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; Gonzalez BUlnes, Antonio; Astiz, Susana; Encinas, Teresa; Heras Molina, Ana; García Contreras, Consolidación; Vazquez Gomez, Marta-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Relationship between testosterone and penile spicules in Guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus)Ayala Guanga, Luis Eduardo; Astiz, Susana; Nieto Escandon, Pedro Emilio; Dutan Sanango, Jorge Bolivar; Rodas Carpio, Ermes Ramiro; Pesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; Rosales Jaramillo, Cornelio Alejandro-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Metformin alleviates obesity and systemic oxidative stress in obese young swineAstiz, Susana; Gonzalez Bulnes, Antonio; Astiz, Isabel; Barbero Fernández, Alicia; Pesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; García Contreras, Consolacion; Vázquez Gómez, Marta; Heras Molina, Ana-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Polyphenols and IUGR pregnancies: effects of maternal hydroxytyrosol supplementation on postnatal growth, metabolism and body composition of the offspringVázquez Gómez, Marta; Heras Molina, Ana; García Contreras, Consolación; Pesantez Pacheco, Jose Luis; Torres Rovira, Laura; Martinez Fernandez, Beatriz; Gonzalez, Jorge; Encinas, Teresa; Astiz, Susana; Ovilo, Cristina; Isabel, Beatriz; González Bulnes, Antonio-

Centro de Documentacion Regional "Juan Bautista Vázquez"

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