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documento.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2015The effect of albendazole treatment on seizure outcomes in patients with symptomatic neurocysticercosisCarpio Rodas, Luis Arturo-
2019Compressive myelopathy secondary to spinal neurocysticercosis stablished by polymerase chain reactionPiedra Bravo, Luis Mario; Lopez Aguilera, Nelson; Figueroa Martinez, Domenica Alejandra; Molina Pinos, Elsa Mishel-
documento.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2012The association of living conditions and lifestyle factors with burden of cysts among neurocysticercosis patients in EcuadorCarpio Rodas, Luis Arturo-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Could differences in infection pressure be involved in cysticercosis heterogeneity?Hamamoto Filho, Pedro Tadao; Winkler, Andrea S.; Carpio Rodas, Luis Arturo; Fleury, Agnés-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Monitoring treatment of Taenia soliumneurocysticercosis by detection of circulating antigens: a case reportRodriguez Hidalgo, Richar Ivan; Carpio Rodas, Luis Arturo; Van den Enden, Erwin; Benitez Ortiz, Washington Vicente-
2021New understanding about the relationship among neurocysticercosis, seizures, and epilepsyRomo, Mateo; Kelvin, Elizabeth; Hauser, Willard Allen; Carpio Rodas, Luis Arturo-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Calcified neurocysticercosis: the knowledge gap remainsMa, Chang; MA, Montgomery; Ha, Zhang; E A, Kelvin; Carpio Rodas, Luis Arturo-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Extraparenchymal human neurocysticercosis induces autoantibodies against brain tubulin and MOG35–55 in cerebral spinal fluidParkhouse, Michael; Sciutto, Edda; Hernández, Marisela; Cortez, Maria; Carpio Rodas, Luis Arturo; Fleury, Agnes-
2018Reciprocal contribution of clinical studies and the HP10 antigen ELISA for the diagnosis of extraparenchymal neurocysticercosisParkhouse, Michael; Carpio Rodas, Luis Arturo; Campoverde Cisneros, Manuel Alfredo; Sastre, Patricia; Rojas, Glenda; Cortez, María Milagros-
2018The effect of albendazole treatment on non-seizure outcomes in patients with symptomatic neurocysticercosisThapa, Kriti; Romo, Mathew; Carpio Rodas, Luis Arturo; Denise, Leslie; Andrews, Howard; Hauser, Wallen; Kelvin, Elizabeth A-

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