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2018a simple mapping methodology of gait biomechanics for walking control of a biped robotMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo-
2018A simple reliable wireless bus design for home automation systemsFlores, Pablo; Moscoso Martinez, Marlon; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael, et al-
2020Artificial neural network performance evaluation for a hybrid power domain orthogonal/non-orthogonal multiple access (OMA/NOMA) systemBelesaca Mendieta, Juan Diego; Avila Campos, Pablo Esteban; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo-
2018evaluating the mindwave headset for automatic upper body motion classificationPalacio Baus, Kenneth Samuel; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Evaluation of LoRaWAN transmission range for wireless sensor networks in riparian forests.Araujo Pacheco, Alcides Fabian; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian; Avila Campos, Pablo Esteban, et al-
prePostPrint.pdf.jpg2020Experimental evaluation of RSSI-based positioning system with low-cost LoRa devicesVazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian; Sanchez Venenaula, Christian Paul, et al-
2020Home automation architecture: design and implementation using ESP8266Munoz Abad, Edgar; Suquinagua Otavalo, Raul; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Low cost lower limb exoskeleton for assisting gait rehabilitation: design and evaluationBlandin Segarra, Jonnathan Mauricio; Velasco Gordillo, Anthony Javier; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo, et al-
2020Mean frequency and noise from patients with pathologies in lower limbsMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Mora Tola, Esteban Javier; Wong de balzan , Sara Null, et al-
2018Open source SCADA system for advanced monitoring of industrial processesMerchan Piedra, Daniel Felipe; Peralta Sisalima, Jonnathan Antonio; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Performance evaluation of RSSI-based positioning system with low-cost LoRa devicesSanchez Venenaula, Christian Paul; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Rainfall intensity datalogger system. Lopy4-based design and implementationGuaman Rivera, Jhonny Lenin; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Placencia Leon, Jose Sebastian, et al-
2018Water level monitoring system based on LoPy4 microcontroller with LoRa technologyGuaman Rivera, Jhonny Lenin; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo, et al-

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