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documento.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2015A holistic approach to supporting academic libraries in resource allocation processesSiguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina-
2019A hybrid algorithm for supply chain optimization of assembly companiesCevallos Tapia, Carlos Patricio; Siguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina; Peña Ortega, Mario Patricio-
2021A Methodological Framework for Creating Large-Scale Corpus for Natural Language Processing ModelsSantos Leon, David Enrique; Auquilla Sangolqui, Andres Vinicio; Siguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina, et al-
2021A model for implementing enterprise resource planning systems in small and medium-sized enterprisesTapia Cardenas, Daniela Estefania; Vintimilla Alvarez, Paola Fernanda; Alvarez Palomeque, Lourdes Ximena, et al-
2020A software architecture proposal for a data platform on active mobility and urban environmentQuinde, Christian; Guillermo, David; Siguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina, et al-
2019A Software Platform for Processes-Based Cost Analysis in the Assembly IndustrySigcha Quezada, Erik Alejandro; Colina Morles, Eliezer Null; Morocho Zurita, Carlos Villie, et al-
2022A systematic literature review of facility fayout problems and resilience factors in the industryFlores Siguenza, Pablo Andres; Aviles Gonzalez, Jonnatan Fernando; Lema Chicaiza, Freddy Roberto, et al-
2022An overview of optimization models and technological trends of logistics in the retail sectorSiguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina; Guaman Guachichullca, Noe Rodrigo; Arcentales Carrion, Rodrigo Nicanor, et al-
2023Analysis of Production Costs: An Approach to Decision-MakingSiguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina; Reino Cherrez, Fabiola Susana; Arcentales Carrion, Rodrigo Nicanor, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Análisis de tiempos estándar en empresas de ensamble como insumo para la toma de decisionesApolo Aguilar, Maria Daniela; Guaman Guachichullca, Noe Rodrigo; Colina Morles, Eliezer Null, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Análisis y diseño de un software de gestión de procesos y costos en empresas de ensamblajeMerchan , Eduardo; Sigcha Quezada, Erik Alejandro; Morocho Zurita, Carlos Villie, et al-
2023Applying Machine Learning Techniques to the Analysis and Prediction of Financial DataFlores Siguenza, Pablo Andres; Siguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina-
2020Blockchain and its potential applications in food supply chain management in EcuadorPeña Ortega, Mario Patricio; Llivisaca Villazhañay, Juan Carlos; Siguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Coordinating learning analytics policymaking and implementation at scaleBroos, Tom; Hilliger, Isabel; Pérez Sanagustín, Mar, et al-
prePostPrint.pdf.jpg2020Costing model based on time invested by activity for technological services in higher education institutions: a case studyValdivieso Donoso, Rosana Maria; Ayabaca Mogrovejo, Orlando Fabian; Siguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina-
2022Decision-making of the university libraries’ digital collection through the publication and citation patterns analysis. A literature reviewLandivar Ordoñez, Tania Maricela; Rendon Loja, Ronaldo Sebastian; Siguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina-
2022Demand forecasting for textile products using machine learning methodsSiguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina; Peña Ortega, Mario Patricio; Guaman Guachichullca, Noe Rodrigo, et al-
2023Driver Analysis to Solve Dynamic Facility Layout Problems: A Literature ReviewSotamba Once, Luis Miguel; Pena Ortega, Mario Patricio; Siguenza Guzman, Lorena Catalina-
2023Facility layout design in textile MSMEs. Literature review of resilient indicatorsAlban Palango, Jose Andres; Tigre Ortega, Franklin Geovanny; Lema Columba, Freddy Fabian, et al-
2022Indicators to evaluate elements of industry 5.0 in the textile production of MSMEsSucozhañay Calle, Dolores Catalina; Arcentales Carrion, Rodrigo Nicanor; Flores Siguenza, Pablo Andres, et al-

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