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documento.pdf.jpg2022A comparative study of water quality using two quality indices and a risk index in a drinking water distribution networkGutierrez Ortega, Fausto Horacio; Garcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Zhindón Arévalo, César, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Characterization of used lubricant oil in a Latin-American medium-size city and analysis of options for its regenerationGarcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Albuja Arias, Daniela Alexandra; Pelaez Samaniego, Manuel Raul, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Considerations on water quality and the use of chlorine in times of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic in the communityAltamirano Cardenas, Luis Francisco; Garcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Valdiviezo Gonzales, Lorgio, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Dataset of copper pipes corrosion after exposure to chlorineGarcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Bonifaz Barba, Gabriel Alejandro; Donoso Moscoso, Silvana Patricia, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Effect of residual chlorine on copper pipes in drinking water systemsVazquez Garcia, Sandra Elizabeth; Garcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Flores del Pino, Lisveth, et al-
2022Evaluation of the impact of anthropogenic activities on surface water quality using a water quality index and environmental assessmentTorres Sanchez, Jessica Lizbeth; Jimenez Ordoñez, Ana Magaly; Cabello Torres, Rita Jaqueline, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Evaluation of water quality and stability in the drinking water distribution network in the Azogues city, EcuadorGarcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Ramos Fernández, Lía; Pauta Novillo, Alex Damian, et al-
2022Extreme rainfall variations under climate change scenarios. Case of study in an andean tropical river basinMora Serrano, Diego Esteban; Mendoza Siguenza, Daniel Emilio; Aviles Añazco, Alex Manuel, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Modeling of residual chlorine in a drinking water network in times of pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)Garcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Aviles Añazco, Alex Manuel; Ordoñez Jara, Juan Andres, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Opportunities for improvement in a potabilization plant based on cleaner production: experimental and theoretical investigationsCadme Galabay, Manuel Remigio; Garcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Valdiviezo Gonzales, Lorgio, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Optimization of water use in a rapid filtration system: a case studyGarcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Zhindon Arevalo, Cesar Edmundo; Alvarez Ochoa, Robert Ivan, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Performance of Phragmites Australis and Cyperus Papyrus in the treatment of municipal wastewater by vertical flow subsurface constructed wetlandsFlores del Pino, Lisveth; Garcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Patiño Chavez, Jhanina Fabiola, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Pressure management for leakage reduction using pressure reducing valves. Case study in an Andean cityRamos Fernández, Lia; Garcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Aviles Añazco, Alex Manuel, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Relationship between chlorine decay and temperature in the drinking waterGarcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Sanchez Alvarracin, Carlos Mauricio; Cadme Galabay, Manuel Remigio, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Scientometric study of drinking water treatments technologies: present and future challengesValdiviezo Gonzales, Lorgio; Garcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Cabello Torres, Rita Jaqueline, et al-
2023Scientometric study of treatment technologies of soil pollution: present and future challengesGarcia Avila, Fausto Fernando; Valdiviezo Gonzales, Lorgio; Castañeda Olivera, Carlos Alberto, et al-
2022Statistical modeling approach for PM10 prediction before and during confinement by COVID-19 in South Lima, PerúCastañeda Olivera, Carlos Alberto; Huamán De la Cruz, Alex Rubén; Quispe Eulogio, Carlos Enrique, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Treatment of municipal wastewater by vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland: data collection on removal efficiency using phragmites Australis and cyperus papyrusGarcia Avila, Fausto Fernando-

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