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documento.pdf.jpg2021A field, laboratory, and literature review evaluation of the water retention curve of volcanic ash soils: How well do standard laboratory methods reflect field conditions?Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Mosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier, et al-
2019Altitudinal and temporal evapotranspiration dynamics via remote sensing and vegetation index-based modelling over a scarce-monitored, high-altitudinal Andean páramo ecosystem of Southern EcuadorRamón Reinozo, Mayra; Ballari Daniela, Elisabet; Cabrera Cabrera, Juan Geovanny, et al-
prePostPrint.pdf.jpg2021Assessment of fog gauges and their effectiveness in quantifying fog in the andean páramoTobon, Conrado; Berrones Guapulema, Gina Marcela; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014Can Conservation Contracts Co-exist with Change? Payment for Ecosystem Services in the Context of Adaptive Decision-Making and SustainabilityCrespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Changes in soil hydro-physical properties and SOM due to pine afforestation and grazing in Andean environments cannot be generalizedMarin Molina, Franklin Geovanny; Quiroz Dahik, Carlos Alberto; Mosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2016Combined use of isotopic and hydrometric data to conceptualize ecohydrological processes in a high-elevation tropical ecosystemMosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio; Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Comparison of natural regeneration in natural grassland and pine plantations across an elevational gradient in the páramo ecosystem of southern EcuadorQuiroz Dahik, Carlos Alberto; Marín Molina, Franklin Geovanny; Arias Chumbi, Ruth Eulalia, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2016Continuous versus event-based sampling: how many samples are required for deriving general hydrological understanding on Ecuador's páramo region?Correa, A; Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Contrasting stakeholders perceptions of pine plantations in the páramo ecosystem of EcuadorQuiroz Dahik, Carlos Alberto; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier; Stimm, Bernd, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2018data descriptor: high-resolution hydrometeorological data from a network of headwater catchments in the tropical andesCelleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Do mixing models with different input requirement yield similar streamflow source contributions? Case study: a tropical montane catchmentCrespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier; Ramón Flores, Jorge David; Correa Barahona, Alicia Beatriz, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Evaluation of the HEC-HMS model for the hydrological simulation of a paramo basinCabrera Balarezo, Juan Jose; Timbe Castro, Luis Manuel; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
documento.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Evaluation of the Penman-Monteith (FAO 56 PM) Method for Calculating Reference Evapotranspiration Using Limited DataCordova Mora, Mário Andrés; Carrillo Rojas, Galo Jose; Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2014Evaluation of TRMM 3B42 precipitation estimates and WRF retrospective precipitation simulation over the Pacific-Andean region of Ecuador and PeruOchoa, A; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Flow partitioning modelling using high-resolution isotopic and electrical conductivity dataMosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio; Segura, Catalina; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
documento.pdf.jpg2021High-frequency multi-solute calibration using an in situ UV–visible sensorBirkel, Christian; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier; McDowell, William H., et al-
documento.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2016Impacts of land use on the hydrological response of tropical Andean catchmentsCelleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Impacts of pine plantations on carbon stocks of páramo sites in southern EcuadorQuiroz Dahik, Carlos; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier; Stimm, Bernd, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2022Importance of Fog and Cloud Water Contributions to Soil Moisture in the Andean ParamoBerrones Guapulema, Gina Marcela; Wilcox, Bradford P.; Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2016Insights into the water mean transit time in a high-elevation tropical ecosystemMosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-

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