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Trabajo de titulación.pdf.jpg7-May-2019A case study of a public and a private school: analysis of classroom routines and procedures during the teaching processGusñay Siavichay, Angélica Magaly; Vélez Yanza, Paula AgustinaSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
Trabajo de Investigación.pdf.jpg2016Creation and compilation of didactic materials for efl students from 1st to 4th grade at Eduardo Crespo Malo elementary school in Barabon: phase iGomezcoello Guilbert, Katherine Betzabet; Romero Cárdenas, Cecilia del CarmenSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
Tesis.pdf.jpg2015Design of a booklet to teach idioms in conversation classes to third-term students of the english language and literature school at Universidad de CuencaCampoverde Villavicencio, Mayra Nataly; Carpio Cevallos, María JoséSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
Trabajo de titulación.pdf.jpg2017Developing reading skill through the flipped method in low intermediate level students from the Catholic University of Cuenca- Azogues BranchAvilés Valverde, Yanel Alexandra; Yunga Yunga, Karina GuadalupeSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
Trabajo de Titulación.pdf.jpg2017Eclectic lesson plans based on the natural approach and the total physical response method for the development of communicative competence in ninth gradersAguilar Romo, Rodrigo JoséSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
Trabajo de Titulación.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2020Effect of ePals practices on EFL writing: an action research study with ecuadorian studentsVire Quezada, Karla CristinaSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
Trabajo de titulación.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2019Herman Melville’s short story "bartleby, the scrivener: a story of Wall Street" and the analysis of Jorge Luis Borges’s translationPérez Ortega, María IsabelSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
26-Aug-2020The implementation of the student response system (SRS) Kahoot! in EFL classes and its effects on reading comprehensionNarváez Paguay, Joe AdriánSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
21-Sep-2020Pedagogical implications of shadowing for the EFL classroomMuy Bonilla, Jenny GabrielaSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
Trabajo de Titulación.pdf.jpg2018Poetry-based activities for the promotion of writing skills in fourth level English Language and Literature students at Universidad de CuencaCampoverde Llivisaca, Erika ValeriaSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
Tesis.pdf.jpg2015The use of oxford`s compensation strategies to develop speaking skills in a1 learners (CEF)Guarquila Morquecho, Mónica PriscilaSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José
16-Jul-2021The use of poetry for developing the productive skills in EFL/ESL studentsOrellana Morales, Camila AlexandraSantillán Iñiguez, Juan José

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