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Trabajo de titulación.pdf.jpg2016Analysis of the blended learning and flipped classroom methods in the EFL classroom in order to identify an effective learning methodAvila Iñiguez, Mayra Susana; Bermejo Campos, Paola CristinaYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
TESIS.pdf.jpg2013Compilation of games and songs to develop the speaking skills in the sixth level of basic education at "Unidad Educativa Kennedy"Monje Marca, Verónica Alexandra; Peralta Contreras, Miriam JannethYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
Trabajo de Titulacion.pdf.jpg2016Descriptions and narrations as efl learning resources to develop speaking skills in senior students of the high schools of AzoguesCabrera Guillén, Carolina de Jesús; Vivar Zambrano, Verónica FilomenaYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
TESIS.pdf.jpg2013Develonping the speaking skills trough multiple intellingence-based activities with fourth graders at verbo elementary schoolFarfán Mora, Juana MarcelaYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
TESIS.pdf.jpg2013Developing reading comprehension through talking stories in the fourth grade of basic education at "Doce de Abril" elementary schoolCastro Zeas, Eliana Priscila; Loja Gomes, María SoledadYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
Trabajo de titulación.pdf.jpg2016Development of the speaking skills in third year students of “Bachillerato Superior” at Colegio Nacional Ingapirca through the production and use of a guidebook for tourism for the Ingapirca archaeological complexSarmiento Ojeda, Christian IsraelYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
Tesis.pdf.jpg2015Interactive storytelling to improve the listening skill of 8th grade at INAN High SchoolYunez Baquero, Edith Mercedes MaritzaYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
tesis.pdf.jpg2013Multiple intelligences: the use of role play to enhance the speaking skills in a EFL classroom with students of tenth level of basic education at Colegio Particular Laico Internacional of AzoguesGonzález Pesántez, Gabriela Estefanía; Prieto Urgilés, Fabiola IsabelYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
tesis.pdf.jpg2016Promoting oral interaction in the EFL classroom through the use of speaking activitiesSari Culcay, Johanna Valeria; Torres Vázquez, Kléver MauricioYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
tesis.pdf.jpg2015TED talks as a mobile-learning tool to enhance speaking skills in ninth graders at the American SchoolQuizhpi Picón, Ana LuciaYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
tesis.pdf.jpg2016Use of the total physical response method as an efl teaching tool to improve the listening comprehension skill of tenth gradersAucapiña Sanunga, Johnny Geovanny; Orellana Plaza, Marcia AndreaYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
tesis.pdf.jpg2016Using ‘trace effect’ computer video games as a didactic tool in the EFL classroom to enhance students’ vocabulary in eleventh grade at San José de Calasanz high schoolIñamagua Acero, Mayra GabrielaYouman Henley, Thomas Elden

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