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2019The role of vegetation, soils, and precipitation on water storage and hydrological services in Andean Páramo catchmentsLazo Jara, Patricio Xavier; Mosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio; Mcdonnell, Effrey J.; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
2018Flow Partitioning Modelling Using High-Resolution Isotopic and Electrical Conductivity DataMosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio; Segura, Catalina; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
2018Changes in soil hydro-physical properties and SOM due to pine afforestation and grazing in Andean environments cannot be generalizedMarin Molina, Franklin Geovanny; Quiroz Dahik, Carlos Alberto; Mosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio; Feyen Null, Jan Null; Cisneros Espinoza, Pedro Jose francisco; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
2019Spatially distributed hydro-chemical data with temporally high-resolution is needed to adequately assess the hydrological functioning of headwater catchmentsCorrea Barahona, Alicia Beatriz; Breuer, Lutz; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier; Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Feyen, Jan; Birkel, Christian; Silva Aleman, Camila Fernanda; Windhorst, David-
2018Quantification of rainfall interception in the high Andean tussock grasslandsOchoa Sanchez, Ana Elizabeth; Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
1-Jan-2014Can Conservation Contracts Co-exist with Change? Payment for Ecosystem Services in the Context of Adaptive Decision-Making and SustainabilityCrespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
26-Jul-2016Insights into the water mean transit time in a high-elevation tropical ecosystemMosquera Rojas, Giovanny Mauricio; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
15-Dec-2012Preliminary evaluation of the runoff processes in a remote montane cloud forest basin using Mixing Model Analysis and Mean Transit TimeCrespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier; Feyen, Jan Jozef Albert-
1-Jan-2015Rainfall in the andean páramo: New insights from high-resolution monitoring in southern EcuadorPadron Flasher, Ryan Sebastian; Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier-
30-Mar-2017Multicriteria assessment of water dynamics reveals subcatchment variability in a seemingly homogeneous tropical cloud forest catchmentTimbe Castro, Edison Patricio; Celleri Alvear, Rolando Enrique; Crespo Sanchez, Patricio Javier; Feyen, Jan Jozef Albert; Timbe Castro, Luis Manuel-

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