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2016Artificial neural networks applied to flow prediction: A use case for the Tomebamba riverVeintimilla Reyes, Jaime Eduardo; Cisneros Espinosa, Felipe Eduardo francisco; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
1-Jun-2016Cardiac Motion Estimation in Magnetic Resonance Images Using Optical FlowMedina Molina, Ruben; Morocho Zurita, Carlos Villie; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
14-Jul-2015Optical Flow as a Tool for Cardiac Motion EstimationMedina Molina, Ruben; Morocho Zurita, Carlos Villie; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
17-Nov-2015Level set algorithms comparison for multi-slice CT left ventricle segmentationMedina Molina, Ruben; La Cruz Puente Alexandra; Morocho Zurita, Carlos Villie; Ordoñes, A; Pesántez, D; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
19-Oct-2016Left ventricle myocardium segmentation in multi-slice computerized tomographyBautista Llivisaca, Mateo Sebastian; Morocho Zurita, Carlos Villie; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
2-Jun-2015Peak control current in boundary conduction mode and discontinuous conduction mode for inverter with flyback topologySempertegui Alvarez, Rodrigo Efrain; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
2-Sep-2015Hepatic Steatosis detection using the co-occurrence matrix in tomography and ultrasound imagesMedina Molina, Ruben; Morocho Zurita, Carlos Villie; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
30-Nov-2016An educative environment based on ontologies and e-learning for training on design of speech-language therapy plans for children with disabilities and communication disordersChuchuca-Mendez, F; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
1-Jun-2012Allocating reforestation areas for sediment flow minimization: An integer programming formulation and a heuristic solution methodVanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-
30-Jun-2014A procedure for semi-automatic segmentation in OBIA based on the maximization of a comparison indexAuquilla Sangolqui, Andrés Vinicio; Vanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando-

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