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2018Predictive control of a closed grinding circuit system in cement industryMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Zhang, Youmin; Garza Castañón, Luis Eduardo-
2018UAV-based Air Pollutant Source Localization Using Gradient and Probabilistic MethodsYungaicela Naula, Noe M.; Zhang, youmin, Youmin; Garza Castañón, Luis Eduardo; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael-
2018Open source SCADA system for advanced monitoring of industrial processesMerchan Piedra, Daniel Felipe; Peralta Sisalima, Jonnathan Antonio; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian-
2018Assessing the SNR influence in the estimation of the mean frequency of lower limbs sEMG signalsRojas Bustos, Andres Bolivar; Mora Tola, Esteban Javier; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Wong de balzan , Sara Null; Farfan Bernal, Angel Bolivar-
2018A simple reliable wireless bus design for home automation systemsFlores, Pablo; Moscoso Martinez, Marlon; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian-
2018Lower limbs motion intention detection by using pattern recognitionAstudillo Palomeque, Felipe Emmanuel; Charry Ramirez, Jose Ricardo; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Wong de balzan , Sara Null-
2018Water Level Monitoring System Based on LoPy4 Microcontroller with LoRa technologyGuaman Rivera, Jhonny Lenin; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Placencia Leon, Jose Sebastian-
2018Single-channel electromyography based on Arduino for analysis of the swing phase in normal gaitRojas Bustos, Andres Bolivar; Avendaño Farfan, Angel; Ayavaca Tapia, Luz Maria; Picos Cárdena, Verónica judith Judith; Urbay Mora, Esteban; Wong de balzan , Sara Null; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael-
1-Aug-2016Optimal Energy Management for Stable Operation of an Islanded MicrogridMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael-
1-Mar-2016Nonlinear Robust H-Infinity PID Controller for the Multivariable System QuadrotorMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael-

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