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2020AALADIN: ambient assisted living assistive device for internetCedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Valdez Solis, Wilson Fernando; Cordova Cuenca, Andres Fabricio-
2019Towards an Architecture for Human Computer Interaction within the Internet of Things and Ambient Assisted Living DomainMaita Tepan, Edwin Xavier; Garnica Bautista, Fernando Xavier; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila-
2019CALMS: a context-aware learning mobile system based on ontologiesErazo Garzon, Lenin Xavier; Patiño Leon, Paul Andres; Bermeo Barros, Gabriela Alexandra; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila-
2019A systematic literature review on composition of microservices through the use of semantic annotations: solutions and techniquesChavez Zambrano, Kevin Eduardo; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Espinoza Mejia, Jorge Mauricio; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo-
2019Quality assessment approaches for ambient assisted living systems: a systematic reviewErazo Garzon, Lenin Xavier; Erraez Jumbo, Jean Gabriel; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Illescas Peña, Lourdes Eugenia-
2019Towards an architecture for electronic notifications services on the cloud: a model driven approachGarcia Clavijo, Edgar Andres; Cardenas Delgado, Juan Diego; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila-
2020A Comparative Evaluation of Preprocessing Techniques for Short Texts in SpanishOrellana Cordero, Marcos Patricio; Trujillo, Andrea; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila-
2019A data quality model for AAL systemsErazo Garzon, Lenin Xavier; Erraez Jumbo, Jean Gabriel; Illescas Peña, Lourdes Eugenia; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila-
2019A data infrastructure for managing information obtained from ambient assisted livingValdez Solis, Wilson Fernando; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Trujillo Orellana, Andrea Alexandra; Orellana Cordero, Marcos Patricio-
documento.pdf.jpg2018MOOCEP, un método para construir cursos masivos para adultos mayores: usando una creación MOOCEPCedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Beltran Castro, Paola Fernanda; Rodriguez Chiriboga, Paul Andres; Bermeo Arpi, Alexandra Elizabeth; Serrano, Freddy-

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