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tli338.pdf.jpg2012ICT: creation of avatars to integrate skills in an EFL classroomUlloa Moscoso, Adriana; Ureña Gallegos, TaniaAstudillo Neira, Catalina
tli333.pdf.jpg2011Multiple intelligences theory and its appication in the sixth grade of basic english educationAlaña Quiñónez, Alexandra Maricela; Saquinaula Mejía, Juan DiegoAstudillo Neira, Catalina
TESIS.pdf.jpg2013Compilation of games and songs to develop the speaking skills in the sixth level of basic education at "Unidad Educativa Kennedy"Monje Marca, Verónica Alexandra; Peralta Contreras, Miriam JannethYouman Henley, Thomas Elden
tli335.pdf.jpg2012Strategies to develop the listening skill in nini-year-old primary school studentesBarros, Marcia Catalina; Pereira Armijos, Karina ElizabethPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli330.pdf.jpg2011The holy grail in the legend of King ArthurGuamán T., Blanca; Valdiviezo G., VerónicaYouman, Ion
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2003Games and activities used as didactic tools for students of english language I, II and III of the field of english language and literature of the University CuencaAndrade Arriaga, Juana Cristina; Cardoso López, MayraArgudo Vicuña, Rafael
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2000Educational problems of ecuadorian bilingual children living in CuencaCarrión Carrión, Elsa; Troya Sánchez, ElinaArgudo Vicuña, Rafael
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2000English and spanish phonetic and phonological contrastive analysisCordero Campoverde, Blanca Piedad; Lucero Castro, SoniaYouman, Ion
nodisponible.pdf.jpg1999The influence of rock music in Cuenca in the 90Mora Reino, Juan FernandoEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
nodisponible.pdf.jpg1999Plan analíticoEras Torres, Yessenia TeresitaArgudo Vicuña, Rafael

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