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2018Check dams and afforestation reducing sediment mobilization in active gully systems in the Andean mountainsBorja Ramon, Pablo Marcelo; Vanacker, Veerle-
23-Nov-2012Complex land cover change, water and sediment yield in a degraded Andean environmentMolina, Armando; Vanacker, Veerle; Balthazar, Vincent; Mora, Diego; Govers, Gerard-
15-Jun-2008Environmental factors controlling spatial variation in sediment yield in a central Andean mountain areaMolina, Armando; Govers, Gerard; Poesen, Jean; Van Hemelryck, Hendrik; De Bièvre, Bert; Vanacker, Veerle-
16-Jun-2003Linking hydrological, infinite slope stability and land-use change models through GIS for assessing the impact of deforestation on slope stability in high Andean watershedsVanacker, Veerle; Vanderschaeghe, Michiel; Govers, Gerard; Willems, Edith; Poesen, Jean; Deckers, Jozef; Bievre, Bert De-
2019Patterns in soil chemical weathering related to topographic gradients and vegetation structure in a high andean tropical ecosystemMolina Verdugo, Armando; Vanacker, Veerle; Corre, Marife D; Veldkamp, Edzo-
15-Oct-2007Runoff generation in a degraded Andean ecosystem: Interaction of vegetation cover and land useMolina, Armando; Govers, Gerard; Vanacker, Veerle; Poesen, Jean; Zeelmaekers, Edwin; Cisneros, Felipe-
1-Jun-2007Spatial variation of suspended sediment concentrations in a tropical Andean river system: The Paute River, southern EcuadorVanacker, Veerle; Molina, Armando; Govers, Gerard; Poesen, Jean; Deckers, Jozef-
1-Apr-2003The impact of environmental change on the intensity and spatial pattern of water erosion in a semi-arid mountainous Andean environmentVanacker, Veerle; Govers, Gerard; Poesen, Jean; Deckers, Jozef; Loaiza, George-
2018Tracking spatial variation in river load from Andean highlands to inter-Andean valleysTenorio , Gustavo E.; Vanacker, Veerle; Campforts, Benjamin; Alvarez, Lenin; Zhiminaicela Saquinaula, Cesar Santiago; Vercruysse, Kim; Molina Verdugo, Armando; Govers, Gerard-
1-Jan-2015Transient river response, captured by channel steepness and its concavityVanacker, Veerle; Blanckenburg, F. von; Govers, Gerard; Molina, Armando; Campforts, B.; Kubik, P. W.-
May-2009Vegetation and topographic controls on sediment deposition and storage on gully beds in a degraded mountain areaMolina, Armando; Govers, Gerard; Cisneros, Felipe; Vanacker, Veerle-

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