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2019A general process for the semantic annotation and enrichment of electronic program guidesGonzalez Toral, Hernan Santiago; Espinoza Mejia, Jorge Mauricio; Palacio Baus, Kenneth Samuel, et al-
2019A ranking-based approach for supporting the initial selection of primary studies in a Systematic Literature ReviewFreire Zurita, Renan Gonzalo; Gonzalez Toral, Hernan Santiago; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo, et al-
2019A systematic literature review on composition of microservices through the use of semantic annotations: solutions and techniquesChavez Zambrano, Kevin Eduardo; Cedillo Orellana, Irene Priscila; Espinoza Mejia, Jorge Mauricio, et al-
2023An Approach to Experiment Reproducibility Through MLOps and Semantic Web TechnologiesSeaman Mora, Daniel Andres; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo; Palacio Baus, Kenneth Samuel, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Annotating OGC web feature services automatically for generating geospatial knowledge graphsFreire Zurita, Renan Gonzalo; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo; Vilches Blázquez, Luis M., et al-
2019Author-topic classification based on semantic knowledgeSegarra Flores, José Luis; Sumba Toral, Francisco Xavier; Ortiz Vivar, Jose Enrique, et al-
2023Building a Knowledge Graph from Historical Newspapers: A Study Case in EcuadorSaquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Building microservices for scalability and availability: step by step, from beginning to endAvila Montalvo, Johnny Javier; Fajardo Peralta, Maria Eugenia; Campoverde Llanos, Edisson Geovanny, et al-
2019Digital repositories and linked data: lessons learned and challengesGonzalez Toral, Hernan Santiago; Espinoza Mejia, Jorge Mauricio; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo-
2019Discovering research trends in the computer science area of Ecuador: an approach using semantic knowledge basesSegarra Flores, Jose Luis; Ortiz Vivar, Jose Enrique; Gualan Saavedra, Ronald Marcelo, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019EDA and a tailored data imputation algorithm for daily ozone concentrationsGualan Saavedra, Ronald Marcelo; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo; Tran Thanh, Long-
2020Ensuring traceability and Orchestration in the food supply chainEspinoza Mejia, Jorge Mauricio; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo; Abril Ulloa, Sandra Victoria-
2024Generation of Microservice Names from Functional Requirements: An Automated ApproachArias Barros, Jhoan Sebastian; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo; Granda Juca, Maria Fernanda, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2020IT governance for the University of CuencaPadilla Verdugo, Wilson Rodrigo; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo-
documento.pdf.jpg2020Land cover classification of high resolution images from an ecuadorian andean zone using deep convolutional neural networks and transfer learningGonzalez Toral, Hernan Santiago; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo; Lupercio Novillo, Rosa Lucia-
documento.pdf.jpg2019LOD-GF: an integral linked open data generation frameworkSaquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo; Segarra Flores, José Luis; Tello Guerrero, Marco Andres, et al-
2021Predicting ozone pollution in urban areas using machine learning and quantile regression modelsCueva, Fernando; Saquicela Galarza, Victor Hugo; Sarmiento Vintimilla, Juan Carlos, et al-
2018REDI: a linked data-powered research networking platformSumba Toral, Francisco Xavier; Segarra Flores, José Luis; Villazón Terrazas, Boris Marcelo, et al-
2020REDI: towards knowledge graph-powered scholarly information management and research networkingOrtiz Vivar, Jose Enrique; Segarra Flores, José Luis; Villazón Terrazas, Boris Marcelo, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Semantically identifying regional-indexed publications, a web-exploring approachOrtiz Vivar, Jose Enrique; Sumba Toral, Francisco Xavier; Segarra Flores, Jose Luis, et al-

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