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documento.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2016A comparative study of black-box models for cement fineness prediction using SCADA measurements of a closed circuit grindingMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Mata, J. P.; Sanchez, C., et al-
documento.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2016A comparative study of black-box models for cement quality prediction using input-output measurements of a closed circuit grindingMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Sanchez, C; Yungaicela, M-
2023A Comparative Study on Time Series Prediction of Photovoltaic-Power Production Through Classic Statistical Techniques and Short-Term Memory NetworksMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Duran Nicholls, Juan Francisco-
documento.pdf.jpg2022A novel electronic chip detection method using deep neural networksZhang, Huiyan; Sun, Hao; Peng, Shi, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2015A review of optimal control techniques applied to the energy management and control of microgridsMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael-
2018a simple mapping methodology of gait biomechanics for walking control of a biped robotMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian; Vazquez Rodas, Andres Marcelo-
2023Adapted D∗Lite to Improve Guidance, Navigation and Control of a Tail-Actuated Underwater Vehicle in Unknown EnvironmentsMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael-
documento.pdf.jpg2022Adaptive neural security control for networked singular systems under deception attacksZhang, Huiyan; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Ao, Wengang, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2016Adaptive quasi-sliding mode control based on a recursive weighted least square estimator for a DC motorMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael-
2023An explorative study of search algorithms applied to the gain scheduling in PID controllersMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Criollo Gordillo, Michael Alexander-
documento.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2016An open source SCADA system to implement advanced computer integrated manufacturingMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabián; Ochoa, S, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Assessing the SNR influence in the estimation of the mean frequency of lower limbs sEMG signalsRojas Bustos, Andres Bolivar; Mora Tola, Esteban Javier; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael, et al-
2019Blade stress monitoring in a small wind turbine by using Arduino microcontrollerMejia Mayancela, Carlos Eduardo; Salazar Llivisaca, Christian Mateo; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael, et al-
2023Cognitive granular-based path planning and tracking for intelligent vehicle with multi-segment bezier curve stitchingMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Comparative fatigue life assessment of wind turbine blades operating with different regulation schemesProbst, Oliver; Loza, Brian; Pacheco Chérrez, Josué, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg12-Oct-2016Comparison of the performance and energy consumption index of model-based controllersMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Palacio Baus, Kenneth Samuel; Ortiz, J.P, et al-
2023Deployment of a high-speed communication network to enable real-time control of a lower limb robotic exoskeletonCordova Cuenca, Andres Fabricio; Minchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Astudillo Salinas, Darwin Fabian, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2016Design and Implementation of a Smart Meter with Demand Response CapabilitiesMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael; Armijos, J; Pesántez, D-
documento.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2015Design of model-based controllers applied to a solid-state low voltage dc breakerMinchala Avila, Luis Ismael-
Trabajo de Titulación.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2019Detección de la intención de movimiento de extremidades inferiores usando métodos de aprendizaje supervisadoAstudillo Palomeque, Felipe Emmanuel; Charry Villamagua, José FernandoDe Balzan, Sara Wong

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