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2011A multiple criteria heuristic solution method for locating near to optimal contiguous and compact sites in raster mapsVanegas, Pablo; Cattrysse, Dirk; Van Orshoven, Jos-
Jun-2012Allocating reforestation areas for sediment flow minimization: an integer programming formulation and a heuristic solution methodVanegas, Pablo; Cattrysse, Dirk; Van Orshoven, Jos-
17-Mar-2010Budget constraint in reforestation meant for minimizing sediment load at a watershed outletVanegas, Pablo; Cattrysse, Dirk; Van Orshoven, Jos-
2009Compactness and flow minimization requirements in reforestation initiatives: An integer programming (IP) formulationVanegas, Pablo; Cattrysse, Dirk; Van Orshoven, Jos-
23-Mar-2010Compactness in spatial decision support: A literature reviewVanegas, Pablo; Cattrysse, Dirk; Van Orshoven, Jos-
2014Diseño e implementación de un sistema de soporte de decisiones para el Centro de Documentación Regional “Juan Bautista Vázquez”Haro Valle, Valeria Alexandra; Pérez Rocano, Wilson Rodrigo; Sigüenza Guzmán, Lorena; Cattrysse, Dirk; Saquicela Galarza, Víctor Hugo; Universidad de Cuenca; Dirección de Investigación de la Universidad de Cuenca; DIUC-
16-Feb-2010Finding sites meeting compactness and on- and off-site suitability criteria in raster mapsVanegas, Paul; Wijffels, Anja; Cattrysse, Dirk-
2010GI-technology: Adaptive generator of spatio-temporal decision support systems for land use planningWijffels, Anja; Van Orshoven, Jos; Muys, Bart; Cattrysse, Dirk-
12-Aug-2009Integer Programming (IP) formulation for minimizing sediment delivery in a watershed by reforestation of optimal sitesVanegas, Pablo; Cattrysse, Dirk; Van Orshoven, Jos-
Dec-2010Localización de sitios en mapas raster para minimizar impactos de flujoVanegas, Pablo; Cattrysse, Dirk; Van Orshoven, Jos; Universidad de Cuenca; Dirección de Investigación de la Universidad de Cuenca; DIUC-
2014Synergizing industrialized and developing countries to improve resource recovery for e-waste: case study Belgium - KenyaVanegas, Paul; Peeters, Jef R.; Plessers, Frank; Cattrysse, Dirk; Duflou, Joost R.-
2014Time-Driven activity-based costing systems for cataloguing processes: a case studySigüenza Guzmán, Lorena; Van den Abbeele, Alexandra; Cattrysse, Dirk-
17-Apr-2011Upgrading geographic information systems to spatial decision support systemsVan Orshoven, Jos; Kint, Vincent; Wijffels, Anja; Estrella, René; Bencsik, Gergely; Vanegas, Pablo; Muys, Bart; Cattrysse, Dirk; Dondeyne, Stefaan-

Centro de Documentacion Regional "Juan Bautista Vázquez"

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