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documento.pdf.jpg2018A closer look on spatiotemporal variations of dissolved oxygen in waste stabilization ponds using mixed modelsAlvarado Martinez, Andres Omar; Ho, Long-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Adsorption of estradiol by natural clays and Daphnia magna as biological filter in an aqueous mixture with emerging contaminantsCisneros Ramos, Juan Fernando; Jara Negrete, Eliza Nuit; Alvarado Martinez, Andres Omar, et al-
2019An integrated mechanistic modeling of a facultative pond: parameter estimation and uncertainty analysisHo, Long; Alvarado Martinez, Andres Omar; Larriva Vasquez, Josue Bernardo, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2018Comparación de las eficiencias de recuperación de lípidos de las microalgas Chlorella y Scenedesmus obtenidas con diferentes disolventesPauta Calle, Guillermina Gladys; Leon Tamariz, Fabian; Cisneros Ramos, Juan Fernando, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Development of an automated tracer testing system for UASB laboratory-scale reactorsPinos Velez, Veronica Patricia; Cisneros Ramos, Juan Fernando; Pelaez Samaniego, Manuel Raul, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2019Emerging contaminants in trans-american watersCisneros Ramos, Juan Fernando; Pinos Velez, Veronica Patricia; Abril Ulloa, Sandra Victoria, et al-
2018Exploring the influence of meteorological conditions on the performance of a waste stabilization pond at high altitude with structural equation modelingHo, Long; Van Echelpoel, Wout; Alvarado Martinez, Andres Omar-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Hydrodynamic evaluation of five influent distribution systems in a cylindrical UASB reactor using CFD simulationsNopens, Ingmar; Cisneros Ramos, Juan Fernando; Cobos Cobos, Fabiola Estefania, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2017Model based analysis of the growth kinetics of microalgal species residing in a waste stabilization pondDecostere, Bjorge; Alvarado Martinez, Andres Omar; Sanchez Merchan, Esteban Andres, et al-
2021Modified first stage of french vertical flow constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in highlands: start-up of the systemGarcia Zumalacarregui, Jorge Alejandro; Alvarado Martinez, Andres Omar; Narvaez Torres, Andrea Carolina, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021On the effect of the refinement of the roughness description in a 2D approach for a mountain river: A case studyAlvarado Martinez, Andres Omar; Cedillo Galarza, Juan Sebastian; Samaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Patterns of difference between physical and 1-D calibrated effective roughness parameters in mountain riversSamaniego Alvarado, Esteban Patricio; Cedillo Galarza, Juan Sebastián; Sanchez Cordero, Esteban Remigio, et al-
documento.pdf.jpg2021Resistance analysis of morphologies in headwater mountain streamsCedillo Galarza, Juan Sebastián; Sánchez Cordero, Esteban Remigio; Timbe Castro, Luis Manuel, et al-

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