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nodisponible.pdf.jpg2008A tourist guidebook in english for IngapircaCabrera, Daniela; Clavijo, SusanaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
Trabajo de titulación.pdf.jpg2016Digital storytelling: promoting writing literacy skills at an A2 levelOrtiz Orellana, Ximena Gabriela; Peñaranda Chucino, Ana GabrielaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
tli308.pdf.jpg2011Drama in the classroom to improve the spoken communication skill for junior high school studentsCalle Espinoza, DianaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
Trabajo de Titulación.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2020The effectiveness of sustained silent reading in the EFL classroomRomero Castro, Walter RobertoRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
7-Apr-2021The effects of reading strategies on ESL and EFL learners´ reading comprehensionOcampo Lara, Roider JahirRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
22-Jun-2021Effects of using content and language integrated learning instruction in english as a foreign language classesMatute Mendoza, Martha MaribelRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2008How to develop oral communication effectively according to the interests and needs of tenth grade studentsMinchala Buri, Olga Elizabeth; Minchala Ortiz, César AntonioRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
tli350.pdf.jpg2012How to practice vocabulary with large classes in elementary schoolArgudo Matute, Elizabeth Tatiana; Avendaño Saquisilí, Diego LeonardoRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
Trabajo de Titulación.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2020Implications of using the students’ first language (L1) in the english foreign language (EFL) classroomTamay Zhinin, Andres Horacio; Tapia Llivicura, Erika VivianaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
tli344.pdf.jpg2012Improving english pronunciation and listening skills through musicAlvarado Mora, Verónica; Matailo Alvarez, DavidRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
Trabajo de Titulación.pdf.jpg2017Isaac Asimov and the golden age of science fiction: a study in terms of his contribution to the genreOchoa Cobos, Ismael AlejandroRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2006Manual de supervisión al personal en las instituciones bancariasGuamán Sarmiento, Sonia KarolinaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2006Manual específico de la secretaria del SINABVanégas Aguilar, Ana MaríaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
Trabajo de titulación.pdf.pdf.jpg2018Modern literature in reading and writing II at the University of CuencaTorres Palacios, Marisol EstefaníaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
tesis.pdf.jpg2016Multimedia translation for improving academic skills at the University of CuencaNeira Rodas, María ClaudiaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
tli273.pdf.jpg2010Musical games for english language learning to children from 5 to 6 years oldOrtega, Daniela; Romero, NellyRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
26-Jan-2021Perceptions about english pragmatics inclusion in the learning plan of EFLHohenstein, Shenja RosaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
nodisponible.pdf.jpg1998Plan analíticoMinchala Ortiz, César AntonioRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
tli321.pdf.jpg2011Power point as an audiovisual didactic resource to enhance efl learninig at the eighth level of San Francisco high schoolVivar O., Alexandra; Vásquez V., DianaRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2007Reading short tales and storytelling in the process of efl learning for young children from twelve to fourteen years oldCastro Villalobos, Susana Elodia; Pazán Maldonado, MichelleRodas Pacheco, Fabián Darío

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