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nodisponible.pdf.jpg2008A comparison between the communicative approach and grammar-based method used to teach children of 7mo básica B, and 7mo básica C at Bilingüe Interamericano SchoolMoscoso, IsabelPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2008A creation of supporting and interactive material to enhance the way contents are presented in units three and four of the book english with my favorite cartoonsNaranjo Arias, Tania; Orellana Yépez, TaniaPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tesis.pdf.jpg2015Applying interpersonal intelligence activities to develop the speaking skill in senior students at Francisco Febres Cordero High SchoolAvila Ortiz, Mayra ElizabethPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli320.pdf.jpg2011Communicative approach to foster speaking in an efl classroom at an intermediate levelFaicán Coronel, Janeth; Guncay Lucero, RocíoPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli272.pdf.jpg2010Content-based: teaching english through social studiesNuñez, Angélica; Quito, FernandoPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli311.pdf.jpg2011Drama: a compilation of activities to deal with listening and speaking skills at an intermediate level, EFL classroomCarrión Muñoz, Sandra Fabiola; Espinoza Carpio, Norma MaribelPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli343.pdf.jpg2012ICT interactive whiteboards in an EFL classroomPiedra Carrión, Verónica; Villavicencio Gordón, GabrielaPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tesis.pdf.jpg2015Role play activities to reinforce the third semester of the conversation class in the English language majorNaranjo Salazar, Olga MarinaPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli261.pdf.jpg2010Speaking: oral presentations in an EFL classroom UNE high scoolArévalo López, Sara; Narváez Jimbo, HenryPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli335.pdf.jpg2012Strategies to develop the listening skill in nini-year-old primary school studentesBarros, Marcia Catalina; Pereira Armijos, Karina ElizabethPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli299.pdf.jpg2011Suggestopedia: use and revirw of the technique and steps to be applied in an efl clasroomAlbán Rodríguez, María BelénPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
Thesis.pdf.jpg2014The effect of moodle in the learning process of business english at an Intermediate Level at Universidad del PacíficoJara Villacreces, Jean PaulPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
Tesis.pdf.jpg2014The effect of moodle in the learning process of the reading comprehension subject, school of english language and literature, University of CuencaLeón Vélez, María VerónicaPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
Tesis.pdf.jpg2017The effects of collaborative learning on reading comprehension of senior students at Borja High SchoolDurán Nicholls, María del CarmenPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
Trabajo de Titulacion.pdf.jpg2017The impact of the flipped learning approach in the development of the speaking skill in an EFL class, University of CuencaCarreño Jácome, María de LourdesPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
nodisponible.pdf.jpg2008The influence of technology in the english teaching-learning process instudents of the 5th course at María Auxiliadora high schoolFarfán, Andrea; Jaramillo, MarthaPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli304.pdf.jpg2011TPR: activities to promote listening in an efl children classroomOrtega Calle, Verónica; Peña Ortega, JéssicaPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo
tli262.pdf.jpg2010Writing: techniques and material to support facilitators in the teaching of writing at, Los Olivos high schoolPuma, Iván Eduardo; Sinche, Jorge MauricioPacheco Salazar, Vicente Guillermo

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