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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)???itemlist.dc.contributor.advisor???
2008A writing activity kit to complement the fifth years book in the Daniel Córdova high schoolAstudillo Lucero, Iván; Tinizhañay Hernández, DaniloEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2009An essay on the benefits and challenges of implementing total physical response storytelling (TPRS) and the conmunicative aproach for use in the english language classroomPiedra, KarinaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2010Analysis of the socio-political and religious influence of the clergyman and activist, RV. William Sloane Coffin, during the period 1960-1990 in the United States of AmericaRodas Auquilla, Tania Alexandra; Soria Orellana, Ximena AlexandraEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2008Communicative activities to improve students speaking in the tenth grade G in the ciudad de Cuenca high schoolVele Fernández, Mirian LorenaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
1992Current situation of english language evaluation in the high schools of CuencaBernal, MarceloEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2003English teaching technology training project for "Abdón Calderón" english teachersVásquez, TeresaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2005Finding out new horizons through reading englishIllescas Arcentález, Mirian; Ortega Guachichulca, AlexandraEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2010Freemasonry in AmericaOrtega Auquilla, Diego PatricioEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2003Games for teaching english applied to computerGonzález Bernal, Angel; Inga Lafebre, María A.Encalada Vásquez, Vicente
2003Holidays task based on learning for the fourth level students at ciudad de cuenca high schoolCaivinagua, Wilma; Carlosama Mora, CatalinaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
1993Inglés. Plan analíticoRosales Martínez, CatalinaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
1993Inglés. Programa analíticoZea M. Zaida E.Encalada Vásquez, Vicente
2010Learning english based on naturalist intelligence theory to children from 10 to 12 yearsSegarra, Janeth; Torres, AlexandraEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2010Music to develop the listening skill in third grade of elementary schoolQuizhpi P., Ana Lucía; Vivar Y., Nancy CatalinaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
1999Plan analíticoLata T., SoniaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
1996Plan analíticoLoja C., YolandaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
1997Plan analíticoGonzález G., NubeEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
1997Plan analíticoTimbe Castro, MaribelEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
2000Plan analíticoMacas Macas, NarcisaEncalada Vásquez, Vicente
1996Plan analíticoRivera U., Edith G.Encalada Vásquez, Vicente

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