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2012Improving listening and speaking skills for teaching english through film based activities for students of science classes at Maria Auxiliadora high school of CuencaOrtega Santacruz, Tania ElizabethYouman, Katherine
2011Integration of music in the english clasroom in order to teach basic vocabularyPadilla T., Verónica; Ortiz O., MayraYouman, Katherine
1999J.F.K. the man, the politician, the presidentPalomeque, Patricia F.Youman, Katherine
2009James Fenimore Cooper in his timeAucapiña, José Luis; Bernal, Juan CarlosYouman, Katherine
2012Jeannette walls from: home on the range to homelessEspinel Romero, Cristina AlexandraYouman, Katherine
1996Learning english as a second foreign languageRomero Vásquez, Gladis EulaliaYouman, Katherine
2011Learning the english simple present through fun activities, suchas flashcards, roulette, and bingo in the colegio particular a distancia Continental with students of tenth grade of basicPlaza, Diana; Solis, CatalinaYouman, Katherine
2008El legado de Martin Luther King jr.Cuesta Andrade, Angel GabrielYouman, Katherine
2010Nature and philosophy in Robert FrostBarzallo Súarez, Mónica; Tapia Andrade, HildaYouman, Katherine
2008Oscar Wilde in his timeChuchuca Astudillo, Diana Jaqueline; Ramírez Procel, María ElenaYouman, Katherine
2015Peral S. Buck, the woman of two worlds: the old an the newMoncayo Avecillas, Maritza AlexandraYouman, Katherine
1998Pollution of our environmentOchoa, Sara; Romero, GladisYouman, Katherine
1998Programa analíticoPulla Torres, Fabiola del CarmenYouman, Katherine
2005Puerto Ricans in the United StatesAstudillo Sarmiento, Juana; Otavalo Ordóñez, DianaYouman, Katherine
2011Quakers in their contribution to the world and the United StatesLandi, Daniela; Quituisaca, CarmenYouman, Katherine
2000Richard Milhous Nixon - president of the inited States of AmericaVargas Ramírez, Inés CumandáYouman, Katherine
2009Sacagawea and the American frontierParedes Z., Angélica; Mora Q., MarthaYouman, Katherine
2008Social concepts in the time of William Shakespeare and their manifestations in HamletChumbay Guncay, Julio Vicente; García P., WilliamYouman, Katherine
2012Teaching english through traditional ecuadorian legends to develop the reanding and listening skilisCriollo Flores, Mónica Andrea; Sarango Solano, Erika NataliaYouman, Katherine
2011Teaching simple present tense trough gamesVinansaca Trelles, Ruth Alexandra; Yanzaguano Morocho, Sandra MargaritaYouman, Katherine

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