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1998Neologisms and other special etymological categoriesGordillo Pacheco, Hugo; Segarra Lazo, Sandra NoemíYouman, Ion
1983Nouns and noun phrasesAbad Bravo, Anita BrumildeYouman, Ion
2013Philosophical elements in William Shakespeare’s works (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, king lear, and macbeth)Ayabaca Pineda, Tania MabelYouman, Ion
2013Poetic forms: a comparative analysis of the preference advanced english language and literature students at Universidad de Cuenca have regarding formal and free verse, complemented with general syllabus guidelines for a potential poetry workshopCalle Astudillo, Juan Carlos; Santillán Iñiguez, Juan JoséYouman, Ion
1993Pronunciation, listening and spelling problems of spanish-speaking people of CuencaMoscoso Carvallo, Ligia EulaliaYouman, Ion
2008Proposal to improve english writing in eighth year students at Manuel Corral Jauregui high schoolBeltrán, María Augusta; Cabrera, LiliaYouman, Ion
2013Raymond carver’s short stories and their influences on american literatureAuquilla Tama, Ruth Elizabeth; Villa Orozco, Diego ManuelYouman, Ion
1996Salman Rushdie´s. midnight's childrenCrespo Ingelmo, María José; Vega Villa, MarielaYouman, Ion
2013Stephen crane and the red badge of courageFaicán Juca, Ana Gabriela; Malla Calle, Paola MaricelaYouman, Ion
1992Structuralism vs. communicative approaches: a study of grammar based methods an communicative approaches in foreign language acquisitionAstudillo Neira, CatalinaYouman, Ion
2007Superman, Christopher Reeve, and stem cell researchCajamarca, Tania; Segarra, KarinaYouman, Ion
2001Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton: women, equality and deathCárdenas Sisalima, BeatrizYouman, Ion
2012Task based activities to develop vocabulary in childrenSánchez Banegas, CarolinaYouman, Ion
2010Teaching english through total physical response storytellingPérez, María Isabel; Suin, María del CarmenYouman, Ion
2011The holy grail in the legend of King ArthurGuamán T., Blanca; Valdiviezo G., VerónicaYouman, Ion
2011The importance of integrating flash cards as a visual tool inprove the retention of the meaning of verbs in the students of the ninth year of basic educationPatiño Morocho, María de Lourdes; Tepán Zhagüi, Tania SilvanaYouman, Ion
2001The indo-europeans: yesterday, today and tomorrowArgudo Vásconez, Dora EsperanzaYouman, Ion
1994The need and feasibility of a universal auxiliary language and an analysis of english as a potential candidateBernal de Newton, MónicaYouman, Ion
2011The theater of the absurdMorales, Gabriela; Heras, EstebanYouman, Ion
2010The third giant of english literature, John Milton and the english EPIC Paradise LostChérrez Sacoto, Andrea BelénYouman, Ion

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